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3 main benefits, Daric brings to you from the oil industry


Daric unleashes opportunities for people to become an investor in the oil industry that was not possible before.

No middleman fees

Daric platform eliminates the middleman fees and provides context for direct transactions with high security and speed.

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Reduced costs

Daric distributed ledger technology (DLT) could reduce trade finance operating costs by 50% to 80%.

Daric Platform

Importance of global oil market

(Billion dollars per year)

  • Petroleum: $1700B
  • Gold: $170B
  • Iron: $115B
  • Aluminum: $90B
  • Copper: $91B
  • Nickel: $21B
  • Manganese: $30B
  • Zinc: $34B
  • Titanium: $14B


Active Token Sale.

Be patron of the transparency and decentralization in oil industry by investing in..


Start: 15 May, 2019 UTC 19:00

End: 15 April, 2019 UTC 19:00

Hard Cap: $50m

Rate: 1 DRC = 0.01 Dollar

Total Token: 1,000,000,000

Accepted Funds: ETH

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